Celebrating horses!

Because our horses deserve nothing but the best.

Perfect fit, excellent quality and functionality

SKØL didn’t just appear out of thin air. The brand has a clear message: ‘celebrating horses’. But why? At SKØL they celebrate the life of our horses! Because our horses are always there for us. That is why they only deserve equipment of the highest segment. With a chic look and excellent fit. Regardless of which discipline you practice with your horse, your horse always comes first at SKØL. This means that SKØL Equestrian takes the comfort and functionality of its products very seriously. SKØL Equestrian offers worldwide exclusive equipment for your horse, at an affordable price.

Our story

Flown over from Scandinavia, SKØL brings a whole new collection with it. SKØL is a creative and innovative company that is constantly involved in the latest developments. They want to use their willpower to produce the very best products for our horses.

SKØL was founded in 2021. Each collection goes through a production process of approximately 10 months. Every millimeter is examined in order to strive for the best quality, functionality and appearance. Because only the best is good enough for our horses. We work hard every day to achieve our goal.

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